FM WhatsApp – APK Download for Android 2023

Looking for an FM WhatsApp APK? Here you can Download FM WA APK (Best WhatsApp MOD) Latest Version for Android 2023.

FM WhatsApp 2023 APK Download

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application which is widely used around the globe to talk with family, friends, and loved ones and share their pictures and videos with them. However, the original WhatsApp has limited features which are good for users who use it regularly but for users who want to enhance and customize their messaging experience with more features than they need to install FM WhatsApp APK files on their phones.

Customizing new features in FM WhatsApp MOD APK improves the entire user experience, which is why users look for the modified version of WhatsApp MOD APK instead of the original one.

Developers have updated the existing version’s features of FM Whatsapp and continuously working to expand the functionality of the application. Nowadays, A large number of people rely on using WhatsApp MOD APKs, and due to this reason, FM WhatsApp is the most downloaded MOD APKs now on the internet.

About FM Whatsapp

FM WhatsApp was developed by Fouad Apps with the modification of the original WhatsApp and the addition of a lot of new features into the application which is not available in the original version. FM WhatsApp is developed by third-party developers; therefore, it is not available on the Google Store and you need to download the FM WhatsApp APK file from a website.

FM WhatsApp has the latest and enhanced features for users so they can have the best experience while chatting and sharing media with their friends, family, and loved ones. These new features include 1000 new themes, privacy options, customizations, and many new privacy features.

This WhatsApp can be downloaded on Android phones, tablets, and PCs. With FM Whatsapp you can have tons of new features.

Download FM WhatsApp’s Latest Version for Android

App Namecom.fmwhatsapp
Updated On25/11/2023
Size69 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.1 and above
MOD FeaturesFree Download

Why FM WhatsApp?

There are several reasons to chase FM WhatsApp because it is an enhanced & upgraded version of the original WhatsApp. Even though the original has no problems still it requires some new features to enhance its functionality. So, a modified version of WhatsApp called FM Whatsapp has been developed that offers users the best functionality, and the latest useful features that are not available in the original application.

So, when you have so many new features available then why you should settle for less? Moreover, users are frequently switching to the FM Whatsapp APK version over the official version of WhatsApp because of the need for new privacy-related changes and features.

History Behind FMWA APK

After the launch of the original version of WhatsApp files, some people started working on the modified version of the original WhatsApp similarly FM WhatsApp was developed by Fouad Mokdad with new updates and features.

FM WhatsApp has become very famous and has more than 10 million users worldwide. It has been more than five years since the development of FMWhatsApp and continues to enhance its functionality and growth with regular upgrades. 

Main Difference Between FM WhatsApp VS WhatsApp

FeatureFM WhatsAppVSWhatsApp
Calls DisableVS
File Sending Limit
999 MBVS100 MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited ChatsVS5 Chats
Status Length255VS139
Auto MessageVS
Bulk MessageVS
Online StatusVS
Custom FontVS
Security LockVS
Icon ChangeVS


We have listed some of FM WhatsApp’s most notable features below go through these features and give the FM Whatsapp APK a try.

Hide View Status

Hide view status is another important FM Whatsapp feature. You can hide your status view and people who are updating their statuses will be unaware that you are watching their status by enabling this feature. 

Hide your Last seen

Some people are concerned about their last seen and do not want others to see when they are online. The original version of WhatsApp provides the feature of hiding their last seen but you also will not be able to see the last seen of other people on WhatsApp as well. However, in FM WhatsApp the last seen features allow you to hide your last seen but you still can see the last seen of other people.

Anti-Delete Messages

FM Whatsapp has another interesting feature of anti-delete messages. This feature allows users to see the messages which were deleted by the sender. So, you can enable this feature to see deleted messages.

Hide Delivered and Bluetick:

Hide blue tick is an amazing feature that is not included in the official version of Whatsapp. By enabling this feature other people will not be able to know that you have seen the message because it will only show a single tick on their applications however you can read the messages, they have sent to you.

Hide Typing Action:

By enabling this feature, you can have more privacy while chatting because due to this feature people will not be able to know when you are writing a text or recording a voice note.

Message A Number Without Saving Any Contact:

This feature is one of the best-modified features because by enabling this feature users do not have to hassle to save and delete contacts. With this feature, you can send messages to people without saving their numbers on your phone.

Send Up To 90 Images:

The FM WhatsApp has a feature to send more than 30 pics at a single time because the original WhatsApp has a limitation that only allows you to send 30 pictures at a time, which is very frustrating and time-consuming for users if they want to send a huge number of pictures. But with the FM WhatsApp APK, now users can send up to 90 pictures in a single and do not need to select again and again to send pictures.

Disable Forwarded Tag on Messages:

If someone sends a forwarded message on WhatsApp it is automatically marked as “forwarded. FM WhatsApp allows users to remove the forwarded tag by enabling the “disable forwarded message” feature.

Select The Contacts Who May be Able to Call You:

If you are worried about people randomly calling you and you cannot block them and do not know how to stop them then this FM WhatsApp feature is best for you by enabling this feature, you can limit the people or select the people of your choice who can call you.

Anti-Delete Status:

FM WhatsApp has one of the best features of anti0 delete status. If someone uploads a status and then deletes the status then in the original version of WhatsApp users will not be able to watch it. However, with FM WhatsApp, you can see all the deleted statuses from your contacts.


FM WhatsApp provides a feature of customization of their WhatsApp themes with more than 1000 free themes. You choose your favorite color theme or customize it according to your preference. 

Copy Anyone’s Status:

With this copy status feature of FM WhatsApp, users can copy the statuses of their contacts without the hassle of manually writing the statuses.

high-quality Media:

Original WhatsApp does not send high-quality media to senders because it compresses the data and then sends it and it also has a limitation on the size of files due to which many users face difficulty while sending the media.

However, FM WhatsApp has resolved the issue, and you can send pictures and videos without compression and in high quality. Moreover, there is no restriction on file size.

Permissions Required

To install FM Whatsapp on your Android phone you have to require some necessary permissions from your Android smartphone. The permission from your phone that is required to install FM WhatsApp is given below.

  • Device location 
  • It requires a stable internet connection
  • Record audio access
  • Send SMS
  • Access to media,
  • Use Map services 
  • Access to Bluetooth and wifi.
  • Access to Contacts
  • External Storage Access

How to Install FM WA on Android

It is very simple and easy to install FM WhatsApp installation on Android smartphones. You just need to follow these steps:

  • To download the FM WhatsApp Pro APK recent file go to our website and download the latest version file.
  • Then go to the settings then into security and enable unknown resources.
  • Go to the downloads and install the APK file.
  • When the download is complete open the application and verify your account with your mobile number.
  • FM WhatsApp has successfully been installed on your Android device and You can enjoy the mod’s great features.

How to Update to the Latest Version of FMWhatsApp

Follow these steps to update the FM WhatsApp.

  • The first step is to tap on the three dots of your WhatsApp scream and go to the section of “FMmods”.
  • Then go to the updates section and click the check for updates to check if there is any new update available for your FM WhatsApp
  • Then click on the download button and it will direct you to the website where the latest versions are available.
  • Then scroll on the page and download the “FM WhatsApp” latest version.
  • After clicking on the link it will take you to the download center section, then click on the download button until the download starts.
  • When the installation is complete go to your phone download folder and open the downloaded APK file and it will require permission.
  • lastly, permit to download the unknown source and click on install when the installation is completed your FM WhatsApp will be updated to the latest version.


  • FM WhatsApp has more privacy features for users.
  • With FM WhatsApp users can Read the deleted messages.
  • it provides customization options for users with more than 1,000 themes.
  • You can download and copy your friends’ statuses.


  • FM WhatsApp is not registered on the Play Store.
  • This is a third-party application and there is a chance that your data can be shared with other people
  • There is no guarantee that your privacy will be protected because the developers will have access to your data.
  • Your security can be compromised 
  • There is a chance that this application can get banned because it is an unauthorized or unlawful application.


Is there any difference between WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp and original WhatsApp both are used for the same reason to communicate and chat with your friends and family. You can send videos and images on both WhatsApp versions. The only difference between these WhatsApp is features. FM WhatsApp is a modified version that includes new and latest features which are not available in WhatsApp.

Do I need to pay for FM WhatsApp?

No, you do not need to pay to use the new features of FM WhatsApp because it is free. So avail the new features of WhatsApp without fees or charges.

Is FM WhatsApp an official version of WhatsApp?

No, FM WhatsApp is not an official version of the original WhatsApp it is made by a third-party application but is similar to the original version of WhatsApp, and it has a variety of different features included in it. It allows users to use these new privacy features and customizations for a better experience.

How can I update my FM WhatsApp?

It’s very important to update your FM WhatsApp otherwise it will not work properly. To update your current version, you need to check our website for the latest version of APK files and download the file on your smartphone to have the best experience.

Final Words

We are living in a modern era where smartphones play a huge role in our communication with our family friends and loved ones.  Moreover, WhatsApp has become a king messaging service it has made communication for users very simple and easy. However, with time it has evolved more because there are developers who are modifying the features and adding new updates for users.

FM WhatsApp has become one of the best applications for users. Several features are not available in the original version of WhatsApp which puts limitations on users. FM WhatsApp provides many features and it does not limit the use for users by providing a lot of new features in chats and more than 1000 colorful themes for users to choose from so they can have the best experience.

By downloading the FM whatsapp latest version users will have a very fun and exciting texting experience. So, we recommend you get the latest version of FM WhatsApp and take advantage of further personalization and privacy features.

FM WhatsApp Pro v9.93 APK Download for Android Official 2023

Looking for FM WhatsApp APK? Here you can Download FM WA APK (Best WhatsApp MOD) Latest Version for Android 2023.

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